Special Projects

A special commissioned black and white textile wall hanging for a Reenactment scene

I have attached the WW2 bombed out street scene in use at the 2009 “Bristol Classic Bike Show” and I will send a couple more photos separately (can’t get them to attach in one neat go), these show the “George and the Dragon” print on my 14c Italian shield (Pavisse). One is a close up the other was taken in Italy at a Medieval battle, the other re enactors and public thought it was hand painted as it looked so authentic.

We use the printed items for public displays at events all over Europe, for organisations such as English Heritage and CADW (Welsh Heritage), for museum education services and for film work. These organisations are sticklers for accuracy and would not let us use them if they were not entirely happy, they have always been happy!!

Thanks again for your excellent service and high quality product. We are happy to endorse your company and to continue to use you.

Best regards

Ian and Beryl Furey-King   Warriors, multi period living history group.

reenactment scene

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