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Embroidery project – by Rosalind Stroud

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010


The photograph shows the wallhanging I made.  My design was printed onto fabric, and then I stitched a number of contour lines around the image and applied a stitched version of the design in A3 size.

The print was done by a company called Digital Fabrics Innovations.  The fabric used for the print is cotton canvas/poly canvas.  The company uses this fabric for the cushions and beancubes it makes, as well as other interior projects, details of which can be seen on their website.

In addition to the cotton or poly canvas, the company can print designs onto a range of fabrics, including taffeta, voile, gloss satin etc.

The printing process is called dye sublimation, which means that the ink is dyed into the fabric.  It is colourfast and can be washed at 30C, is hard wearing and versatile.

It was very easy to sew by both machine and hand.  I stitched it by machine with no backing, but it retained a smooth finish with no puckering.

The company will transfer designs from images preferably in the format of a jpeg, tiff or Photoshop document.  Their ideal is for the file to be 90dpi at final size, meaning that the bigger you want your final product to be, the bigger the file size needs to be.  Files should ideally be in megabytes.

My image was printed from a scanned image I made of my original design.  It was A5 in size, and the company was able to enlarge it to A0 size.  The large increase in size and the fact that the scanned image wasn’t in the preferred format accounts for the fact that a certain amount of loss of definition of the image took place, and it is lighter in tone than the original, but despite that it did transfer very well and entirely to my satisfaction.  There was no distortion or any loss of the image.

The company can print designs from a minimum of 50cm x 50cm and to a maximum size of 3 metres wide and up to 50 metres in length.

Designs can be either a single image like mine, or as repeat patterns.

Prices will be quoted according to the individual project, dependent on size and specification.  There is a minimum price for £40 + VAT per order.  You could get a printed image of 1.2m x 1.2m for that amount.

Designs can be emailed to the company and the finished fabric will be sent by courier.

I found the company to be extremely helpful and responsive, and very patient with my many enquiries and requests.  Turnaround was fast, and the fabric was very well packed and securely delivered.  The details of the company are:

Digital Fabrics Innovations


Telephone: 07968 589256